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J U N E  2 5 — J U L Y  2  •  2 0 0 6

Trinity Lutheran College • Issaquah, Washington

Michael Sull is a Master Penman, engrosser and lettering artist who is known internationally for his work and abilities in the field of American Ornamental Penmanship. He is considered America's foremost penman and teacher in the art of Spencerian Script. A former lettering artist for Hallmark Cards, Michael is the author of the texts Spencerian Script & Ornamental Penmanship and Learning To Write Spencerian Script, and has developed numerous educational materials on this subject. He is the founder and director of the Spencerian Saga, a week-long program (now in its 20th year) devoted to teaching the history and techniques of vintage American penmanship and engrossing. He has recently developed a curriculum in American Cursive handwriting for elementary school children. His studio work includes a wide variety of lettering projects involving script, broad pen, illumination, gilding, monogram and logo design, step-and-repeat patterns and other calligraphic art. His work is in numerous private collections. He is past president of the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH).

Beginning Spencerian Closed2 and 1/2 days

Beginning Spencerian detail; click to enlarge
Spencerian Script was the most graceful and attractive form of vintage penmanship in 19th century America. Join us to learn the proper methods to produce this beautiful handwriting from the past! Subjects included in the class will be: proper use of the oblique penholder, penpoint and ink selection, principles of Spencerian Writing, concepts of curvature, movement and contrast, traditional and alternate letterforms and tricks of the trade for the use of this style. All levels are welcome, from beginner to advanced; no prior experience required.

Advanced Spencerian • 2 and 1/2 days

Advanced Spencerian detail; click to enlarge
In this class we will be taking the beautiful style of Spencerian Script up to a higher level. Topics will include: making it fancy from the alternate letters to ornamenting the capitals, signature writing, off-hand flourishing techniques and patterns, and defining your strokes—the difference between that's pretty, and omigosh! We'll also learn valuable techniques that make a difference in inks, penpoints, paper movement and selection. Participants should have previous knowledge or experience with pointed pen script, particularly Spencerian, to gain the most benefit from this class.
  • Supplies for both classes:
    Good oblique penholder, penpoints (recommend either Nikko G, Gillott 303, Hunt 22 or Hunt 56), good inkjet or lined tablet paper, pencil, tracing paper, McCaffery's Ink (any dark color), pencil eraser, one piece of blotter paper approximately 11" x 14" (or any soft, thick, smooth paper), small container to hold water, straightedge.

  • Katherine Malmsten & Karen Kant, Co-Directors
    Contact: Katherine, 425-821-7919; or Karen, 253-589-3994