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J U N E  2 5 — J U L Y  2  •  2 0 0 6

Trinity Lutheran College • Issaquah, Washington

British born Julian Waters has been an award winning professional lettering artist for over thirty years, living in the U.S. since the 1970s. His teachers include his parents, Sheila and Peter Waters, both internationally acclaimed as experts in their respective fields of calligraphy and library conservation, and the legendary German calligrapher & type designer, Hermann Zapf. Waters’ clients include National Geographic and the U.S. Postal Service, for which he has designed lettering for books and postage stamps, including the “Bill of Rights” stamp, “Love” envelopes and “Legends of American Music” series. He has taught and lectured extensively in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Iceland, Norway, England, Germany, Belgium, Japan & Hong Kong. His work is in many publications and he has had one-man exhibitions in Washington DC, Norway and Iceland.

Julian works by hand and on computer and has designed custom corporate fonts and commercial typefaces, including the extensive Multiple Master family: “Waters Titling”, for Adobe Systems. His manuscript commissions have included a 100 page hand-made Book of Donors for the National Gallery of Art. Waters was honored as the 1997 Rubenstein Memorial Guest Artist at the Sidwell Friends School (previous guest artists have included Fritz Eichenberg, Sam Gilliam and Leonard Baskin). In 2001 he was one of fourteen international typeface designers invited to exhibit in the major “Zapfest” exhibition at the San Francisco Public Library. In 2003 his lettering design was the subject of a 28 page publication From Sketch to Final Art.

These two classes will explore two different sides of capitals. The two can be taken as companion classes, or as individual ones.

Black Caps • 2 and 1/2 days

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This class explores informal capitals, and dark and powerful textures, using broad edged pens and ruling pens. This is very far away from formal Roman lettering, but there will still be a sense of structure as well as expression.

  • Materials
    Slant board; 3/8" - 5/8" large metal folded style poster pens (Coit, Automatic, Horizon etc); largest Speedball nibs C-O, C-1, C-2 and/or equivalent  Mitchells, Brause etc.; good smooth layout paper, approx size 14" x 17"; ruling pens–folded type is best. Bring whatever you have; Julian can provide loaners. 2 sheets fine quality white paper (for possible paper cuts); 2 sheets fine quality thick dark color paper (mostly for mounting stuff on). Other papers you like! Free flowing non waterproof black ink (test for bleeding on different papers before class!!) and/or black gouache; sharp X-acto knife with extra blades; removable tape; sharp pencil; eraser; plus the usual stuff–paper towels etc.

White Caps • 2 and 1/2 days

White caps detail; click to enlarge

This class deals with the other extreme, ultra lightweight and subtly elegant forms, serifless and serifed, producing airy, brittle linear textures. Some of these explorations will look to classical proportions for inspiration, although we will not be slavishly copying historical forms.

Both classes will promote understanding of consistency and cohesion in lettering, and how to improve the strength of one’s own lettering, regardless of weight.

  • Materials:
    Smallest size Mitchells, Brause etc; good smooth layout paper, other papers you like, including some handmade with some tooth or resistance to the pen (test for ink bleeding on different papers before class); padding to place between paper and board; free flowing non-waterproof black ink, black gouache and/or Chinese stick ink and stone if you have it; very smooth Arkansas stone for nib sharpening (optional); small bristle brush, plus your usual stuff.

  • Katherine Malmsten & Karen Kant, Co-Directors
    Contact: Katherine, 425-821-7919; or Karen, 253-589-3994