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J U N E  2 5 — J U L Y  2  •  2 0 0 6

Trinity Lutheran College • Issaquah, Washington

Diane is a letter-maker and designer, producing graphic lettering and developing corporate marks. Her work is original and her creative and production skills utilize her expertise in Quark, Photoshop and Illustrator. She designs and produces original corporate resolutions, as well as digital documents of recognition and gift pieces including contemporary decorated initials and names. She has taught calligraphy and design workshops for many years in the Minneapolis area, nationally and internationally. Her work is published in the 22nd and 23rd Editions of the Speedball Textbook and she has self-published three workbooks for beginning calligraphers. She is part of the artistic team invited to create 'Special Treatment' illuminations for the Saint John's Bible project.

The Textured Page • 5 days

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Enhance your calligraphy by expanding your use of the italic hand; not by using new and different tools, but by taking command of the tools and capitalizing on the knowledge you already have. Utilize this one hand to create an infinite number of expressive hands that will make a large variety of textures on the page.

Bring to class your existing proficiency in italic, and prepare to strengthen it—we’ll polish, compress, extend, slant and generally experiment with texture using this one familiar hand. Texture and contrast will vary to reflect individual texts. Appropriateness of form, style, suitability and combinations of hands, and layout of the page all contribute to the success of a piece, and all will be discussed.

We will also study the strokes and movements of flourishes compatible with our writing style. Shape, structure and execution of a smooth, graceful and lively flourish can add flair to piece of writing. In addition, the “when” and “where” of flourishing as well as the “how” will be considered. This class is appropriate for intermediate to advanced students.

  • Supplies:
    Pen holders with a large variety of nib sizes including Speedball C-0 through C-4 (or comparable sizes; some extra wide like Coit or Automatic Sign Pens); ink and layout paper; regular drafting ruling pen (if you already have it); prepared text of approximately 100 words; ink, T-square; pencil; eraser; slant or lap board and rag or paper towel.

  • Katherine Malmsten & Karen Kant, Co-Directors
    Contact: Katherine, 425-821-7919; or Karen, 253-589-3994