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Trinity Lutheran College • Issaquah, Washington

Alice, a native and survivor of New York City, learned a fine beginning of the art and craft of calligraphy and lettering while attending evening classes at the Brooklyn Museum Art School. A freelance designer since 1953, she designed the calligraphic exhibition signs and display lettering for the prestigious Pierpont Morgan Library for 29 years, and inscriptional lettering for bowls, vases and plaques for Steuben Glass.

Alice has taught calligraphy study programs at the School of Library Services at Columbia University and has been on the faculty of eleven international conferences. She is a founding member of the New York City Society of Scribes and co-curator of its 25th anniversary exhibition, Artist & Alphabet.

The Space Science and Counter Intelligence of
Italic Handwriting • 5 days

Semiformal hand detail;
click to enlarge

Oh, that fair Italian Hand! Hats off to the brilliance of the Renaissance scribes. The great revival of learning in the pre-printing fifteenth century created a demand for books of all kinds, and since they had to be written by hand the profession of scribe flourished. This occupation, no different than most today, necessitated a keen eye on the clock and the bottom line (pun intended). The need to hurry up and move on prompted scribes to develop shortcuts from the formal set hands, written slowly with many pen lifts, to the more quickly written cursive script known to us as ‘Italic’. In real time this took one hundred years.

Today, five hundred years later, Italic Handwriting is the favored style and ideal running hand of many individuals. As no handwriting can run before it has learned to walk this class will study the formal construction and proportions of the letter shapes while keeping an eye on the essential rhythms of ones’ own individuality and style to create a graceful, and legible, personal handwriting.

This class will be intense for beginners, a stretch for intermediates, and fun for advanced scribes. Swash capitals, numerals, punctuation marks—and along the way, some broad pen drawing for the adventurous will be included.

  • Supplies:
    Nibs: Speedball C-0, C-1, C-2 and holders; Mitchell/Rexel Roundhand #2 (1.5 mm) and #3.5 (1 mm), with reservoirs and holders
    1/4" Automatic (size 3A)
    Higgins Eternal Black writing ink
    Borden & Riley Penny Sketch Bond, 14" x 17" pad
    Borden & Riley Cotton Comp, 14" x 17" pad
    T-square, 18"; pencil and sharpener; pair of dividers
    1 or 2 tubes of gouache (any color, but Flame Red is good)
    Mixing dish and mixing brush
    Sloped board is highly recommended
    (Fountain pens to be explored. . .individual choice and pocketbook)

  • Katherine Malmsten & Karen Kant, Co-Directors
    Contact: Katherine, 425-821-7919; or Karen, 253-589-3994